Activities food and Drinks

Drink tasting

You will be guided on a journey in the land of the drink. Wine, bubbly, beer, whiskey or why not Champagne? Enhance the tasting even further with three kinds of snacks composed to fit with your choice of drink.

Price from 450sek/pers
three snacks. from 100 sek per person.
Time estimation 1,0 hour

Seaweed Tasting with Oysters & Champagne

Try the delights of the sea.

Together with a seaweed expert, you will learn different food from the sea. Combined with 2 oysters per person and a glass of champagne.

Price 4-20 persons from 495sek/pers
Minimum charge. 3.900 sek
Time estimation 1,5-2,0 hours

Sociable experiences – let the taste buds be stimulated

chocolate tasting

Let yourself be seduced by the wildly different flavors from all corners of the world. You will get to try chocolate of different cocoa content and flavors.

A pure treat for the taste buds.

Price offer
Time estimation 1,0 hour

The cheese tray

During this evening we go through what to consider when combining a cheese tray with drink.
We test several kinds of cheeses with some well-chosen drinks.
A good and exciting tasting for cheese lovers!

Price offer
Time estimation 1,0 hour

wine quiz

This activity is popular for those who like wine. There will be four wines tasted, each symbolizing a country.

In the meantime, participants will receive follow-up questions that they in teams will answer to collect points.

Price offer
Time estimation approx. 1,0-1,5 hours


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