indoor activities

Virtual Reality

A fun heptathlon where you meet in different disciplines outdoors with marine elements. It takes cooperation and precision to bring home as many points to the team as possible. Who is fastest on knots, placing seamarks and catching the buoy? 

Price entry fee at 3 000sek 4-15 pers 2 hours 3 900sek, per hour after that 1 500sek
Time estimation approx. 2,0 hours

Done in 60 seconds

An activity where the equipment for the branches consists of things that are in the home or office. The competitions are challenging, exciting and are at least as fun to watch as they are to perform. Each team picks out the person or people they consider to be the best able to cope with the task. For 60 seconds, the selected should try to complete the tasks. Here there are about 20 different branches you can choose from.

Bottle flip Ping pong chess Thumbstock Balance Card Chaos Karate Cards etc.

Price entry fee 3 000 sek 10-20 PERS 370sek/person. 20-60 PERS 350sek/person. 61-100 PERS 300 sek/person 

We recommend: book some snacks and a beverage buffet during the activity
Time estimation 2,0 hours

Music & Film quiz

With our Music & Film Quiz, no one gets away. Everyone knows some detail or unnecessary facts that will come to light during this activity. You will see pictures and promotional snippets, hear songs and signature melodies you thought you had forgotten. You should also try to get your peers to guess the right artist or actor by singing or acting like them. An activity filled with laughter and pranks, singing and nostalgia.


Price entry fee 3 000sek 10-20 PERS 360sek/person. 20-60 PERS 330sek/person. 61-100 PERS 290sek/person 

We recommend: boka in lite snacks och en dryckesbuffé during the activity
Time estimation 2,0 hours


Master of the office

Can easily be described as a 5-fight, in which each team should compete against the other participants in duels. Here it is important to have good balance, be steady on the hand, quick-witted and accurate to take home the title of master of the office. All branches are made of materials that you can find in an office, warehouse or workplace. The challenges can be stacking 36 mugs in height. Put the keys in order, fold paper airplanes that will participate in the “Long flight competition”, etc. Not physically demanding..

Price entry fee 3 000sek 10-20 PERS 340sek/person. 20-60 PERS 300sek/person. 61-100 PERS 240sek/person 

Time estimation 1,5 hours

the conference riddle

You compete team-wise against each other in different parts. For each branch won, the team wins one letter, the final moment is to:
figure out what word we are looking for. There are mixed challenges that await you, thought nuts to be solved, collaborative exercises and even playful
competitions such as charades.

Price from 350sek/pers
Minimum charge. 6.900sek
Time estimation 1,5 hours

murder mystery

An unforgettable dinner in true detective spirit with a “killer” in the company!
Who is the killer? Who can be trusted?

With us, together with a group of friends or colleagues, you can experience an evening in true detective spirit while eating good food. There are various Murder Mystery to choose from and they can be performed in both Swedish and English. Murder mystery is a fun and exciting way to get to know the sides of your colleagues you didn’t think existed. Everyone is a suspect – one is guilty. Maybe it’s YOU who is the killer.
After an introduction, all participants receive instructions about their character and sit down for dinner. That is where the riddle is to be solved. All participants are given their own role with their own clues and their own missions to be carried out during dinner. Around the table are, among other things. 

Dinner is guaranteed to be a success with many laughs.

Price 10-15 personer 340sek, 51-100 personer 320sek

Reseersättning tillkommer 500:-

Time estimation 3,0-3,5 hours

escape box 

A cool spy hunt -Engaging team building. We have the pleasure of being able to offer you a unique activity plan, Escape Box is team building, fun, exciting and is just right!
At your conference, kick-off, Christmas dinner or staff activity. Escape Box fits on all occasions!
It will be a fierce spy hunt as secret agents of Perfect Intelligence which is the first mission in the Escape Box series. The experience is reminiscent of the one found in Escape Rooms around the world.

Escape Box is developed to be played in larger groups at the same time and carried out wherever you want. The box is full of exciting riddles, surprises and secrets.

The team that solves the mission first, wins!

Price from 340sek/pers
Reseersättning. 500:-
Time estimation 2,5 hours


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