*Passion for food and drinks



In our kitchen, menus are based on local produce according to the season. Our guests tend to linger to enjoy the atmosphere and views.

We are confident you will notice our commitment to quality in the food we serve and the service and care we offer our guests.

0 meters from the sea

Here, we serve well-prepared menus for all occasions to be enjoyed with a complete view of the ocean. The kitchen handles local produce with creativity and joy in an uncomplicated and confident manner. Fish and seafood is our specialty. To have our crayfish being delivered by boat to our own dock is really something special.

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MENU Book a table

A room with magnificent views that floats above water.

Welcome to enjoy a coffee, a snack, a glass of wine or a cocktail or any of our Classics on our Veranda menu.


A plentiful buffet for everyone

Gullmarsstrand’s fantastic breakfast buffet is always included when you book rooms with us. If you are not staying at the hotel, you are welcome to enjoy the delicious buffet.

Opening hours:

  • May- September Monday-Friday 7am-10am, Saturday 8am-10.30am, Sunday 8am-11am.
  • October-April Tuesday-Friday 7am-10am, Saturday 8am-10.30am, Sunday 8am-11am. 
  • If you are not staying at the hotel, the price is: 195 sek
  • Reservations if you are not staying at the hotel: Phone +46 (0) 523 66 77 88 or

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restaurant g

We serve lunch most days, please feel free to look at our lunch menu to see the week’s dishes and opening hours.

  • 12pm-2pm
  • We try to stay open as much as we possibly can – to be on the safe side feel free to give us a call on +46 (0)523 66 77 88 or

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Picnic basket

Rent a bike, a kayak or take a walk in the beautiful surroundings or in one of the island’s nature reserve. We will pack the picnic basket. 

  • Coffee / tea, for the kids juice
  • Sandwich / bread roll
  • Cake
  • Fruit

PRICE 125sek kr for adults and 75sek for kids.

Specify what time you want to pick up your coffee basket and if you have allergies we will take into account.


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