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A cozy community that has the most year-round accommodation on our island. Here the houses are well preserved and there are plenty of bathing places for both summer and winter swimming.

beach walk in Grundsund 

Take a walk out of the harbor from Östra Kajen in Grundsund along the mountain all the way to Skäddhålan’s bathing area on wooden decks. Along the walk there are several benches to sit down on and view the sea and the horizon.


A lovely hiking trail that goes through forest and further out to sea. Here nature becomes more barren. Once you have made it to the far end of the cape, you have magnificent sea views. 



2 minutes walk from Gullmarsstrand there is the island’s largest sandy beach with diving towers, piers and cliffs. There are also padel tennis courts and outdoor tennis courts.


Kaptensgatan in Fiskebäckskil

20 steps from the main entrance on Gullmarsstrand you can walk along the cobbled streets of Fiskebäckskil. Take the opportunity to enjoy the joy of carpentry that spreads warmth and beautiful restored wooden houses. The streets meander between houses and boathouses.



Incredibly cozy nature reserve and our island’s most visited hiking destination.  There are seas of spring flowers, beautiful beech forests and nice walking paths. We are happy to pack a snatch bag with coffee and sandwiches that can be enjoyed on the tour.


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