Wedding by the season

Below you will find inspiration about how your wedding day could look if we let the season be reflected in your day, but of course it is with your wishes and ideas that we together create you day!


The sun’s first warm rays meet us. Get married in Fiskebäckskil’s beautiful church dating back to the 1700s and then arrive to Gullmarsstrand in a charming Cadillac from the 1950’s. Mingle with the guests on the veranda and toast in a beautiful lemonade in one of the spring’s colors. The dinner is also inspired by the season. End the party after a fantastic dinner with a colorful firework show on the jetty!


The ocean is heavenly blue, the breeze blowing hot and the sun goes down slowly. Get married on the pier with the ocean embracing you. Then bring your guests on a tour of some of the archipelago’s beautiful boats or why not even get married on board and have your “own” coordinate’s. Once back you toast in champagne and to this both seafood as well as strawberries is a good accompany. End the reception with the bridal waltz on the pier at sunset.


The leaves turning color and the temperature is slowly dropping down. Get married in our new and incredibly beautiful “yoga room” where the sea is only a few steps away and reflects in the background. Toast in hot or cold apple must, on the pier in light of the torches. Or if you prefer, inside in the warm on our lovely veranda. The dinner is aswell reflecting the autumn tones and flavors. A midnight snack in the small hours tastes deliciously with grilled hot dogs on the outside before the festivities are rounded off.


When the winter darkness falls we light the torches which light up the entrance as well as the bridge. Get married in Fiskebäckskil’s church and walk in torchlight procession to Gullmarsstrand, or imagine a wedding ceremony on the bridge in the glow of the torches. After the wedding toast the wedding with a warming drink and appropriate snacks. The party continues with a well-composed menu in winter characters. The evening is rounded off with beautiful fireworks in the winter night.