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winter conference in BOHUSLÄN


-Beautiful regardless of the season


Meeting in Bohuslän usually characterizes summer, sun and salty baths – we at Gullmarsstrand, with the unique location, 0 meters from the sea promise that you will not be disappointed when you visit us even during autumn and winter.

The sea becomes even more powerful then and the colors even more tangible. In Fiskebäckskil you will find a tranquility that gives you energy to cope with everyday life.

Meeting with us gives you and your colleagues and employees a completely new experience with the shifts in the magnificent nature, the range of activities and seasonal ingredients.

  • lobster and crayfishing

    On a lobster or crayfish safari, our experienced fisherman picks you up at our jetty for the hunt for shellfish.

    Time 3-4 hours.

  • A very exotic experience and an adventure you don’t want to miss!

Meeting with bubbly?


Meeting with Shellfish?



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