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Capture the day – and the night

The 84 rooms you have to choose from are all equally tastefully designed. Sizes and location you can choose when you contact us. The sea view is unique, as it should be when you live at the edge of the sea. Part of the hotel is located high up on the mountain. The view from this house, where everything once started, explains the love.

You’ll see why when entering.

Sleep tight in carpe diem

All our rooms have comfortable, locally produced beds from Carpe Diem.

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for dogs

For those who travel with dogs, we have selected rooms for you and your four-legged friend at an extra cost of SEK 300 /room per night. Please notify when booking in order to guarantee a room for you and your dog.

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types of rooms


Is this the suite of suites?
From the bed you enjoy the view, with or without open doors on the French balcony.


Staying here, atop Klinten, the ocean is a mere stone’s throw below. The room bathes in a generous, comfortable light. All rooms have Scandinavian design, bright, salty and tasteful.


It’s easy to remain seated at the common balcony, embracing the incredible show put on daily by the fjord Gullmarsfjorden and its islands and bays. The view from the rooms is also breath-taking.


Ground-level room with comfortable bed from exclusive local bed maker Carpe Diem. All rooms offer Scandinavian functional design. View of the courtyard or other building.


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