Guest dock

In the middle of Bohuslän you will find Gullmarsstrand – 0 meters from the sea. Add to the pier just outside the hotel. Enjoy a lovely hotel breakfast, lunch, a la carte in Restaurant G.

Arrive by boat and still enjoy the comfortable facilities of the hotel
Open all year

Exercise in our gym, enjoy a sauna or book a relaxing spa treatment.

In our restaurant, we serve menus based on each season, such as lobster supper, Easter buffet, Christmas smörgåsbord and New Year’s Eve dinner.



  • Position 58 14,6 N 11 27,3 E
  • Sea map 933
  • Depth 2-4 m (depth can vary by up to 45 cm  depending on the weather)
  • Number of spots 20
  • Five spots can be booked via
  • Mooring bow/stern



upp to 10 m        250 SEK
10-12,5 m           350 SEK
12,5-15 m           450 SEK