N 58º 14' 59'' E 11º 27' 25''

–You can't get any closer to the ocean than this
The three brothers
Have been operating the hotell since 1979

The people at Gullmarsstrand

Happiness. Passion. Bravery.

The true definition of Bohuslän hosting. At your arrival you will be greeted with open arms by our great crew here at Gullmarsstrand.


Gullmarsstrand Hotel & Conference is situated along a long jetty overlooking the islands and bays of the fjord Gullmarsfjorden – Swedens only real fjord. Our unique location by the sea creates a sense of absolute tranquility and presence, regardless of season or weather.

A paradise for both residents and visitors

Right in the middle of this idyllic place, on the west coast, lies a charming small island – Skaftö. Skaftö is part of Lysekil municipality with a nice archipelago outside, protected from the ocean waves.

This fishing community came up to be during the 18th century and during the “herring period” and it meant an economic upturn for the community. The settlement was on the coastline and the old restaurant has always been the starting point where Gullmarsstrand Hotel & Conference now is.

The three brothers & Fiskebäckskil

40 years ago, one early may morning, the Nilsson brothers came to Fiskebäckskil. Through the grapevine they’d heard that “a big place” was up for sale. When arriving on Gullmarsstrand they saw its huge potential and fell in love with the place. They saw it as their task to create a place for contemplation and creativity here.

Inspired by the force of this place and its beauty, the development of Gullmarsstrand, hotel and conference started.

Fellowship, passion & bravery

When the brothers were little their dad, who was both a chef and entrepreneur, took his kids to many different places in Sweden. After his hasty decent, their dad left them warm memories and experiences from a working life in the hotel industry, with full speed and tasty food. The brothers wanted to carry on that legacy. When they discovered Gullmarsstrand they trusted their instinct and pure gut feeling.

The saltwater of Bohuslän is believed to have a healing impact

Conference, weekends & vacations since 1979

With an architect-designed Hotel by Wingårds the establishment digests well to its surroundings. The hotel has expanded slowly and steadily over the past 40 years under the same owners (three brothers). The starting point was the old Bathhouse Restaurant in Fiskebäckskil. Room by room and building by building have been carefully and thoughtfully added, led by aesthetics and quality as ever-present guiding forces since 1979.