On and around Gullmarsstrand and its surroundings, it is set up for lots of activities when you and your colleagues want to relax or create cohesion.

Join an experienced fisherman in search of the sea’s gold, the lobster, or go crayfishing. Join a guided tour at Kristineberg one of the world’s oldest marine research stations from 1877 or a guided hike in Fiskebäckskil’s exciting history.

There are many possibilities, and we can help you with customized solutions.

popular activities


at sea


Join our local fisherman Bobo out to sea and catch the black gold of the sea, the lobster, or go crayfishing. 

sea kayak paddle

Together with a guide, you glide among islets and skerries, listen to the noise of the sea and maybe even get to see a seal up close?



Let us take you on a tour of our beautiful archipelago for a nature experience up close. After many years of experience on the west coast, we have learned where the seal colonies live and what cliffs they usually lie and sunbathe on. Out by the islets, we slowly slide forward and then turn off engines so they can get closer and peek at us a little too. There is also time for beach breaks with coffee breaks on the nearby island if you wish.

rib boat

Experience the sea and the allure of speed at speeds up to 65 knots (120 km/h)! A memorable experience among the islets and skerries for those of you who are looking for something nerve-wracking.

on land


You will be divided in different teams and meet each other in different competitions with marine themes. Who can tie a knot the quickest, place out the navigation marks, cooperate to catch the buoy. After a good competition we have an award ceremony where the winning team will receive medals.


You will test on, among other things crab fishing if the season is right, shrimp peeling with both one and two hands, knot duel with the whole team helping out. Extra branch you can choose is: Oyster opening. At oyster opening, we will first show you the technique and provide you with gloves and the right tools for the mission. The teams leading up to the final get to choose their “Flottbyggekit”. This is followed by an assessment by the judge who awards the BROY “Best Raft of the Year” award which may provide some advantage in the race. Then goes the start in the Fleet Builder Race.


A guide takes you through picturesque Fiskebäckskil, sharing stories from the past.


Among cobbled streets and fishing ports, you are faced with varied assignments, ranging from logical thinking, tricky questions and creative assignments. Some missions also require you to photograph or film – all to collect as many points as possible. Beware of customs zones, if you enter these, the team will be hit byminus points!


food & drinks

seaweed tasting with oysters and champagne


Try the delicacies of the sea. Together with a seaweed expert, you will learn different food from the sea. Combined with 2 oysters per person and a glass of champagne.

drink tasting


Wine, bubbly, beer, whiskey or champagne?
Enhance the tasting even further with three kinds of snacks composed to fit with your choice of drink.


sinnenas relax and infinitypool

Enjoy a peaceful moment in our indoor pool at 38 degrees, as well as a really warm and comfortable sauna, only a glass wall separates you from the view of Gullmarsfjorden. From the relax you can go out on the jetty to take a sea bath or take a shower in our outdoor shower. Outside the relax on the jetty you also have access to the Infinity pool with 38-degree water. Next to the pool there is a staircase down into the sea for those who wish to enjoy a dip in the sea.

Vip Night Spa


VIP NIGHT SPA on stilts in the sea, both include Sinnenas Havsbad and Sinnenas Relax – hot pools, cold baths and sauna experiences on the jetty with lounge space adjacent. Here you are all by yourself with the gang and can plug your own music into the speakers.
Serving staff / bar will be available just for you. With cozy bathrobes & slippers, you have direct access out to the jetty and your own accessibility from our modern lounge.

Serving staff / bar will be available just for you.With cozy bathrobes & slippers, you have direct access out to the jetty and your own accessibility from our modern lounge.

Available for booking, 35 persons. For smaller groups, it is possible to book a similar arrangement.

sinnenas havsbad

In Sinnenas Havsbad you will find relaxation for body and soul. On stilts out in the sea is our outdoor pool with 38 degree water. Here you can enjoy all year round. Next to the pool there is a staircase down into the sea for those who want to swim in the sea.

The sea bath has two sauna rooms. In the aroma sauna that holds about 45 degrees, you can enjoy tranquility and relaxation with fragrant aromas. For those who prefer it really hot, we recommend our classic sauna that maintains 75 degrees. Here you get the blood circulation going, which gives the body a feeling of well-being. The view is breathtaking!


Padel & Spa

A short walk along Bökevikstrand is Fiskebäckskil Padel Center. 3 outdoor courts are available. Play an hour of padel tennis and finish with a sauna, hot pool 38 degrees and swim in the sea. 

Yoga & Cava

Indoors or outdoors at the pier. Start or end the day with a Yoga class and Cava. Choose between yin-yoga which is a calm and slow yoga session or yoga-flow which is a little more active.


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